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bad dancing shines with glitter (:

Kiritani Saaya
Her whisper is the LUCIFER

Geobu hal su eoptneun neoui maryeogeun LUCIFER. Geobu hal su eoptneun neoui mabeobeun LUCIFER. Dagaseomyeon neoneun machi cheonsa gateun eolgullo. Nareul saneun iyura malhago malhago. LOVERHOLIC ROBOTRONIC ♫

I'm 16. Malaysian. Petite. I don't write homo fics. I suffer from long bouts of writer's block. NEWS is her only drug. Absolutely, magically in love with Super Junior. Hearts Hey! Say! JUMP. Exploring a love for SHINee. Sings like the world is deaf. As genuine as you can get. Narcisstic but lala. Enjoys not having the other half. Love me. Hate me. I'm still me. Enjoy. (: Lyn

My journal is friend-locked except for my fanfics.

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